Cinema 4D

  • NFL Network: Making Of IDs

    Project created by Charlie Co for NFL Network.

  • PTEROIS – Process


    Process Video of my personal project ” PTEROIS” –
    Work kept me quite busy, so this one took me a while to create.
    As always, I’ve learned so much along the way – crazy.
    Can’t wait to take advantage of all that in future projects.

    Used this piece to step out of my ‘comfort zone’ and try out new tools, etc …
    Therefore there are a couple of first timers in there:
    Subdivision modeling // UV layouts // Using Vray as main render engine //SSS ( SubSurfaceScattering), etc …

    I kept some descriptive text in case anyone wants to know more about the technical bits and pieces.

    Special thanks go out to some awesome pals:
    Alexander Lehnert for helping solving Vray trouble (
    Sam Welker for some Xpresso fixes (

    Software: Cinema4D // Vray // AfterEffects
    Music: DJ Shadow – What does your soul look like Pt 3

    Sound and HD recommended.
    Apologies for the compression artifacts.