VOID PROCESS from Chris Bjerre on Vimeo.

    Breakdown for my short film VOID.
    Music: Nosaj Thing – Knee 1
    See the short here: vimeo.com/chrisbjerre/void
    More info here: chrisb.tv/void

  • MPC Prometheus VFX breakdown!

    MPC’s breakdown shows how we created the alien planet LV-223, space environments, the human crew and alien space-crafts, an explosive crash scene sequence, plus bringing to life the alien ‘Hammerpede’. (Contains spoilers)
    Music: ‘A Planet To Conquer’. Composed by Philippe Rey

    MPC Prometheus VFX breakdown! from MPC on Vimeo.

  • Making of: Lotto

    Making of: Lotto from Postoffice Amsterdam on Vimeo.

    Postoffice produced the latest TV commercial and tagon for Lotto. The challenge was to create a flexible character and a photorealistic bike in CG (computer generated).
    Lotto wants to use the Lotto character in multiple TV commercials and animations. To set up the Lotto character in a scalable way we modeled the character and gave it a skeleton with maximum control to enable our animators to hit every key pose and create fluent animations.We used motion capture for quick iterations and to try different movements on the fly. Afterwards our animators fine tuned the animation in full detail.
    Go to postoffice.nl/postoffice-work/240/tv-commercial-lotto for more information.

  • Adelholzener – Be Water Making of

    Adelholzener – Be Water Making of from Sehsucht on Vimeo.

    How perfectly sports matches water isn’t a secret, but now the powerful impact has been visualized in a stunning dimension. Within the new campaign by Adelholzener Alpenquellen the natural strength of water is embodied by testimonial Philipp Lahm while carving out his way to success and breaking trough all obstacles. Get ready for the modern interpretation of a well-known natural phenomenon: “Water is the driving force of all nature” Leonardo da Vinci.
    Director: Ole Peters
    Kunde: Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH
    Stefan Hoechter, Geschäftsführer
    Marco Steinacher, Produktmanager
    Claudia Wesemann, Produktmanagerin
    Agentur: Jung von Matt, Alster
    Creative Director: Götz Ulmer, Simon Hiebl
    Agency Producer: Jankel Huppertz
    Service Client Director: Christian Classen
    Account Director: Nils Frommann
    Account Manager: Philipp Dujin
    Art Director: Andreas Hoets
    Copywriter: Daniel Stellar
    Produktion: Sehsucht GmbH
    DOP: Ekkehart Pollack
    Producer: Jan Tiller, Stephan Reinsch, Sunna Pilz, Gianna Johnke
    Design Department: Anja von Harsdorf, Simone de Salvatore, Julius Brockelmann
    Set Supervisor: Daniel Jahnel, Florian Zachau
    Animation: Frank Spalteholz
    3D Lead: Timo von Wittken, Daniel Jahnel
    3D Artists: Timo von Wittken, Heinrich Löwe, Rafael Vicente, Daniel Jahnel, Sebastian Welti, Hannes Geiger, , Felix Geremus, Sebastian Kowalski
    Compositing: Florian Zachau, Yacoob Essack
    Edit: Christoph Senn
    Grading: Andreas Piecha
    Musik: Mokoh Music: Stephan Moritz
    Sprecher: Erik Schäffler

  • Geheimen Van Barslet – vfx breakdown

    Geheimen Van Barslet – vfx breakdown from Happy Ship on Vimeo.

    We knew we were up for a challenge when Waterland Film approached us to inform if we could animate a rain of fish for the new Dutch television drama De Geheimen Van Barslet. After a good pre-production R&D phase, though, we got a stable, workable system in place to relatively easily fill those 270 shots with procedurally animated fish, in the thousands per shot. See our partner PlanetX FX’s site for a more torough breakdown about the process: planetx.nl/en/television/94/de-geheimen-van-barslet/

  • Main Road Post VFX breakdown

    Main Road Post VFX breakdown for Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 Opening from Arman Yahin on Vimeo.

    Visual Effects breakdown for the Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 Opening that we did almost a year ago.
    vimeo.com/86232503 – Russian Odyssey
    VFX by Main Road Post
    © Copyright 2014 International Olympic Comittee

  • MAKING OF Freeze the World

    MAKING OF Freeze the World from Bleed VFX Studio on Vimeo.

    Agency: Bromley
    Director: Seba Lopez
    3D & Postproduction: Bleed VFX
    VFX Supervisor: Paolo Cavalieri
    Production: Shooters Films USA

  • Oasis Papayon Behind The Scene

    Oasis Papayon Behind The Scene from UNIT IMAGE on Vimeo.

    Agency : Marcel
    Production Wizzdesign
    Music by Kevin MacLeod

  • Film4 Idents – Making

    Film4 Idents – VFX Making of from Analog on Vimeo.

    We were lucky enough to get to help out with the Visual Effects on ManvsMachine’s brilliant take on a classic film strip / projector effect. We helped figure out the limitations and possibilities of shooting something like this live action and where the mix of computer generated content should be used.
    This is our making of of the process.
    Hats off to the amazing ManvsMachine for a brilliant idea. These idents are rad.
    Concept, Design & Direction:
    Agency & Production Company:
    Creative Director:
    Dan Chase (Channel 4)
    Liz Arnott (Channel 4)
    Alex Barber
    Art Direction / Set Design:
    Simon Davies (UK)
    Max Orgell (US)
    Post Production VFX:
    Aubrey Woodiwss (Electric Theatre Collective)
    Offline Editors:
    Alex Lea (Envy)
    Nick Armstrong (Envy)
    Music Composition: