• Introduction to Chamfer Maker R15

    Short introduction to the popular Chamfer Maker plugin for CINEMA 4D.

    The main topic of the video is to give some info on the changes of the plugin as it was updated to work with the latest version of CINEMA 4D.

  • Tutorials

  • Taping Cables Together with the Collision Deformer

    This tip demonstrates a technique for taping wires/cables together. It uses the Collision deformer as an aid, making sure the tape is snugly applied to the wires.

  • Cinesite’s use of NUKE and ftrack on World War Z

    Filmed at SIGGRAPH 2013, Michele Sciolette, Head of VFX Technology at Cinesite in Soho, was on our booth showing how they have been using ftrack with NUKEX at their facility. Michele demonstrates how they put NUKE & ftrack through its paces on World War Z. © 2013 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. Footage courtesy of Cinesite.

    Music featured in clip by Marco Beltrami – Philadelphia copyright owned by WMG
    Filmed for us by FX Guide at SIGGRAPH 2013


    TypoMad is an event about typography held this year in Madrid . They trusted us to produce the Opening Credits. Our purpose was to capture as sketching on paper how a typography becomes something solid, all through this metaphor of evolution. Abstractly alluding to beziers lines, ink and the definition of a new creation.

    tavo.es | facebook.com/tavostudio | echolab.tv | typomad.com

    Director, Animation & Design
    Music & Sound design

  • PTEROIS – Process

    Twitter: twitter.com/@Neekoe
    Website: neekoe.com

    Process Video of my personal project ” PTEROIS” – vimeo.com/76320930
    Work kept me quite busy, so this one took me a while to create.
    As always, I’ve learned so much along the way – crazy.
    Can’t wait to take advantage of all that in future projects.

    Used this piece to step out of my ‘comfort zone’ and try out new tools, etc …
    Therefore there are a couple of first timers in there:
    Subdivision modeling // UV layouts // Using Vray as main render engine //SSS ( SubSurfaceScattering), etc …

    I kept some descriptive text in case anyone wants to know more about the technical bits and pieces.

    Special thanks go out to some awesome pals:
    Alexander Lehnert for helping solving Vray trouble (alexander-lehnert.com/)
    Sam Welker for some Xpresso fixes (thinkparticle.com/)

    Software: Cinema4D // Vray // AfterEffects
    Music: DJ Shadow – What does your soul look like Pt 3

    Sound and HD recommended.
    Apologies for the compression artifacts.

  • “Making of Bonaqua TVC” by Fix-Digital

    Check out this awesome CGI TVC Spot Breakdown by the talented team at Fix-Digital! For more information about this video, please visit the links below:

    The FIX collaborated with Adventa Lowe and Toy Pictures on this new campaign for Bonaqua Miniral Water. This fluid spot directed by Yariv Gaber follows the journey of water from its source all the way up through rocks to сreatively reveal the new bottle of Bonaqua miniral water.